Abel Tasman: A sailor of the seas: His voyage of discovery [18 December 1923]

[Editor: An article about Abel Tasman, the Dutch discoverer of Tasmania. Published in The World, 18 December 1923.] Abel Tasman. A sailor of the seas. His voyage of discovery. “Journal or description by me, Abel Janzs Tasman, of a voyage made from the town of Batavia, in the East Indies, for the discovery of the […]

The discovery of Australia

Early European cartographers had long suspected that there was a “great southern land” located in the Southern Hemisphere; hypothesizing the existence of such a continent seemed to make good sense, as it would “balance out” the continents known to exist in the Northern Hemisphere. The first documented discovery of Australia by Europeans was made by […]

History of Australia and Australian colonization [19 August 1840]

[Editor: An article published in The Sydney Herald, 19 August 1840.] History of Australia and Australian colonization. After the visit of Tasman to Van Diemen’s Land, Australian discovery for a long period was at a stand. “The attention of European nations had been attracted by the golden fables of South America, the sunny islands of […]

An Australian Tercentenary [by Professor Ernest Scott, 21 October 1916]

[Editor: An article regarding Dirk Hartog’s discovery of Australia, by Professor Ernest Scott. Published in The Argus, 21 October 1916.] An Australian Tercentenary. By Professor Scott. On October 25, 1610, a ship belonging to the Dutch East India Company, on the voyage between the Cape of Good Hope and Batavia, made a discovery which added […]

Discovery of Australia: The Tercentenary [1 September 1916]

[Editor: An article regarding Dirk Hartog’s discovery of Australia. Published in The Western Mail, 1 September 1916.] Discovery of Australia. The Tercentenary. On the 25th of October next it will be exactly 300 years since the first white men who left a definite record of their visit landed in Australia. The following quotation from the […]