The real Australian tongue [by P. I. O’Leary, 11 August 1938]

[Editor: This article about the languages of the Australian Aborigines, by P. I. O’Leary, was published in The Advocate (Melbourne, Vic.), 11 August 1938.] The real Australian tongue Too true it is, alas, that the Australian Aborigines are becoming fewer and fewer. Will they, like the Tasmanian Aborigines, become extinct? Late, perhaps too late, we […]

The Cobra-Bal, or Bald Pated Blacks [10 July 1858]

[Editor: A “tongue in cheek” article about a newly-discovered tribe of Aborigines, who were said to have goldfields nearby. Published in Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, 10 July 1858. See the related article, “New race of Aboriginals: Gold discovery”.] The Cobra-Bal, or Bald Pated Blacks. — A very interesting par appears in the […]

New race of Aboriginals: Gold discovery [10 July 1858]

[Editor: An article published in Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, 10 July 1858. See the related light-hearted article, “The Cobra-Bal, or Bald Pated Blacks”.] New race of Aboriginals. — Gold discovery. — Some time since a paragraph appeared in the Empire relative to the discovery, in the far interior, of a new race […]

Black Trackers [The Illustrated Australian Encyclopaedia, 1925]

[Editor: This is an entry from The Illustrated Australian Encyclopaedia (1925).] Black Trackers, aboriginals attached to the police force in several Australian States, who are employed chiefly in tracking criminals and lost persons in outlying districts. The earliest known official reference to the use of aboriginals for this purpose occurs in a memorial of the […]

New Colony [October 1787]

[Editor: An article about Australia, printed prior to the establishment of the colony at Sydney, New South Wales. Published in The New London Magazine, October 1787.] New Colony. A description of New Holland, particularly the Eastern Coast, called South-Wales, in which Botany-Bay, the spot intended by Government for colonization, is situated. Situation. This country is […]