Australia’s nationality: A critical “stranger” [14 May 1923]

[Editor: The Rev. T. O’Loughlin advocates for the development of Australia’s sense of nationality; opposing the hold of Scottish, Irish, English and American cultural influences upon Australia.] Australia’s nationality. A critical “stranger.” The Rev. T. O’Loughlin, M.S.H., delivered an eloquent and stirring address to the Christian Brothers’ Old Collegians’ Association on Sunday morning. One portion […]

Films to foster our tradition: Appeal by Charles Chauvel [11 October 1945]

[Editor: A film producer promotes the idea of using films to foster Australian culture, as a way of fighting cultural Americanisation.] Films to foster our tradition Appeal by Charles Chauvel Mr. Charles Chauvel, leading Australian film producer, told members of the Canberra Film Centre at Civic Theatre on Sunday night, that films could play a […]