Advance Australia Fair [circa World War One version, 1915?]

[Editor: By the time of the First World War, “Advance Australia Fair” had gone through several changes. In the fourth verse, the sixth and eighth lines were replaced with “Beyond wide oceans roll” and “Still keep a British soul”; whilst the third verse was replaced with an entirely new verse. This version is from the […]

Patriotic Song, “Advance Australia Fair.” [turn of the century version, 26 September 1906]

[Editor: This text of “Advance Australia Fair” differs from the 1878 version; in the third verse the fifth and sixth lines have been changed to “From England, Scotia, Erin’s isle” and “Who come our lot to share”; whilst in the fourth verse, the sixth and eighth lines were changed to “Beyond wide oceans roll” and […]

New music, [an advertisement for a new version of “Advance Australia Fair”, 1897]

[Editor: This 1897 advertisement offers a new version of “Advance Australia Fair”] New music. Messrs. W. H. Paling and Company send us a parcel of music containing a revised and improved edition of “Advance Australia Fair,” described as a “patriotic song,” written and composed by “Amicus;” “The Federal Banner of United Australia,” a well-meaning effusion, […]

Advance Australia Fair [1878, from the sheet music of 1879]

[Editor: This is the original version of “Advance Australia Fair” as written by Peter McCormick, using the pseudonym “Amicus” (Latin for “friend”); taken from the sheet music held by the National Library of Australia.] 2nd Edition. Respectfully dedicated to the sons and daughters of Australia. Advance Australia Fair Patriotic song, written and composed by Amicus […]