An Acrostic [poem, 16 May 1949]

[Editor: A poem published in the “2NZ Junior Country Service Club” section of the Glen Innes Examiner, 16 May 1949.] An Acrostic To work out this acrostic, fill in the answer to each question, and read down the first letter of each word — this gives you the answer. The solution is at the bottom […]

The Violet, an Acrostic [poem, 20 October 1826]

[Editor: An acrostic poem, which vertically spells out “Van Diemen’s Land”. Published in the Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser, 20 October 1826.] The Violet, an Acrostic. V eiled in obscurity the violet (sweet A nd modest flower) shuns meridian heat N ear to the earth it hides its lovely head, D rooping while round its […]