Tasman and Tasmania: 273rd anniversary of discovery [24 November 1915]

[Editor: An article about Abel Tasman. Published in The Post (Hobart), 24 November 1915.] Tasman and Tasmania 273rd anniversary of discovery. On November 24, 1642 — 273 years ago to-day — Abel Jansoon Tasman, commanding the Dutch ship Heemskirk, and Gerrit Zanszoon, master of the flyboat Zeehaen, first sighted land on an island which was […]

Abel Tasman: A sailor of the seas: His voyage of discovery [18 December 1923]

[Editor: An article about Abel Tasman, the Dutch discoverer of Tasmania. Published in The World, 18 December 1923.] Abel Tasman. A sailor of the seas. His voyage of discovery. “Journal or description by me, Abel Janzs Tasman, of a voyage made from the town of Batavia, in the East Indies, for the discovery of the […]

Coming of the Dutch [chapter 2 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton]

[Editor: This is chapter 2 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton. Published in The Sunday Mail, 24 June 1934.] The Story of Australia — II Coming of the Dutch It was on November 28, 1605, that the Dutch ship, the “Duyfhen” (or the “Dove”), sailed away from Java to explore the islands of […]