Works of A. G. Stephens

[Editor: This list contains various works by A. G. Stephens; for biographical information click here.] Books by A.G. Stephens: 1893: Why North Queensland Wants Separation, Townsville: North Queensland Separation League 1893: The Griffilwraith: Being an Independent Criticism of the Methods and Manoeuvres of the Queensland Coalition Government, 1890-93, Brisbane: A. J. Ross 1894: A Queenslander’s […]

Preface [to “Heart of Spring”, by A. G. Stephens]

[Editor: This preface by A. G. Stephens was published in Heart of Spring (1919).] Preface. John Shaw Neilson was born at Penola, South Australia, on 22nd February, 1872. By race he is all Scottish. His grandparents were William Neilson and Jessie MacFarlane of Cupar, Neil McKinnon of Skye, and Margaret Stuart of Greenock. His father […]

W. T. Goodge [by A. G. Stephens, 11 December 1909]

[Editor: An article (by A. G. Stephens) about W. T. Goodge, who died on 28 November 1909. Published in The Register, 11 December 1909.] W. T. Goodge. [By A. G. Stephens.] W. T. Goodge, known to a friendly world as “Billy,” died recently in hospital in Sydney, aged 47. London born, and with much of […]

A. G. Stephens

Alfred George Stephens was an editor and publisher, as well as being an author, literary critic, and poet. He is regarded as a major figure in Australia’s literary history, having encouraged a large number of Australian authors (including the editing and publishing of many of their works), as well as being prominent as a critic. […]

The strange mystery of Mr. Henry P. McRobinson [21 December 1922]

[Editor: A short story, by A. G. Stephens, published in The Worker, 21 December 1922.] The strange mystery of Mr. Henry P. McRobinson [For the Queensland “Worker.”] (By A. G. Stephens.) The little swagman boiled his billy near the main boundary gate of Warregomoona — Sheepshanks’ biggest station — which is rather nearer the Warrego […]