Sweethearts [poem by L. E. Homfray]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in Australians, Awake! And Other Poems (1915).]


Morning, bright as the summer skies,
Laughing voices and love-lit eyes,
Under the scented wattle bough,
Pledging their love with solemn vow,
Trusting the Future’s unknown store,
Lovers and sweethearts evermore.

Sweethearts still at the close of day,
Footsteps feeble and hair grown grey;
Lovers yet, as in days of old,
Under the scented wattle gold,
Journeying on to a distant shore,
Lovers and sweethearts evermore.

L. E. Homfray, Australians, Awake! And Other Poems, Sydney: D. S. Ford, [1915?], page 11

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