Sticking-up [29 September 1860]

[Editor: A report of robberies by bushrangers. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 1860.]


— Between the Rocky Plain and West Denison, several robberies have been of late committed. What are the mounted patrol about?

Mr. Douglas on returning from Kiandra to Russell’s was eased of a few shillings, but unfortunately is unable to identify the robber.

On the whole, however, when we consider the very mixed character of our population, composed of men of every clime and nation, many the very dregs of society, we must say that there is less crime or danger here than in many of the settled districts. Even sticking-up has not been by any means frequent.

The two best authenticated cases were proved to have been concocted by the complainants themselves. Sticking one’s-self up being rather a convenient way of getting out of pecuniary difficulties, but not quite so sure or honourable as walking up King-street.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 29 September 1860, page 7

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