Songs for the Miners. No. I. [song, 22 May 1851]

[Editor: One of a series of “Songs for the Miners” published in The Empire, 1851.]

Songs for the Miners.

No. I.

Away, away to the Bathurst ground,
Where the “dust” is brightly shining :
Away, away to the “Diggins” found,
Where the boys are busily mining.
And Midas, my boy, in thy turn thou’lt be,
If dame Fortune but smile on thy clay ;
But, while rocking the cradle right merrily,
Keep the ass’s ears far away !

Away, away, to the Ophir glen,
Where the boys the sands are laving ;
And the “Diggins” ring with gladness again,
To the songs of the miners slaving.
And Midas, my boy, &c.

The Empire (Sydney, NSW), Thursday 22 May 1851, page 463 (page 3 of that issue)

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