Some Australian women [series of articles, 1891]

[Editor: This is a six-part series of articles on the achievements of women in Australia.]

Some Australian women

Some Australian women, part 1
Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Mrs. Campbell Praed (Miss Rosa Murray-Prior), Mrs. Heron (“Australie”), Mrs. G. F. Cross, (“A.C.”), Miss Jennings Carmichael, Mrs. Alicane (“Agnes Neale”), Mrs. J. G. Wilson (“Austral”, née Miss Adams)

Some Australian women, part 2
“Tasma”: Mme. Couvreur (Jessie Catherine Huybers), Australian novelist

Some Australian women, part 3
Four Australian Artists: Mrs. Ellis Rowan, Mrs. Mary Stoddard, Mrs. Birge Harrison, Miss Florence Fuller

Some Australian women, part 4
Musicians: Madame Carandini (née Marie Burgess), Mrs. E. H. Palmer (née Rosina Carandini), Madame Lucy Chambers, Mrs. Emery Gould, Madame Nellie Melba (Mrs. Armstrong, née Miss Nellie Mitchell), Miss Amy Sherwin, Miss Montagu Conyers (Miss Florence Lulman), Miss Florence Menck-Meyer, Elsie Stanley

Some Australian women, part 5
Prominent social workers: Lady Janet Clarke, Lady Davies

Some Australian women, part 6
Science: Dr. E. Constance Stone, Dr. Mary Adela McCulloch Knight, Dr. Stella Mary Taylor

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