[Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry] [10 September 1889]

[Editor: A report on the Shearers’ Union and the employment of coloured labour. This is an extract from a column of news reports, entitled “The Barcoo”, which consisted of various news items regarding the Barcoo area of Queensland. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 10 September 1889.]

[Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry]

The letter of Mr. J. Crombie, M.L.A., upon the employment of coloured labour for the sugar industry, has evoked responses from various quarters.

At Wellshot, where sixty-four shearers are employed, all are of one mind, viz., that according to the first principles of the Union, no coloured labour is to be allowed in any capacity; in short, Australia for the Australians, and a white Australia is their motto.

A document has been drawn up for the opinion of the members comprising the Shearers’ Union, but as they number about 3000, and are scattered all over the district, the work will necessarily take some time.

The debate on the report of the Sugar Commission has been adjourned to the 25th September; both Mr. Crombie and Mr. Murphy have telegraphed that they will not support the proposals of the northern members, admitting of the employment of black labour for the sugar plantations.

The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld.), Tuesday 10 September 1889, page 6

[Editor: The original text has been separated into paragraphs.]

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