Sealed With a Kiss [poem, 21 April 1933]

[Editor: A poem published in the Narromine News and Trangie Advocate, 21 April 1933.]

Sealed With a Kiss.

“Sealed with a kiss” on the envelope
Somebody sent to me;
Traced underneath was a lily bud,
As a symbol of purity.
For the lily is ever the purest flower
That in life’s dull garden grows,
Holding our hearts with a sweeter power,
Than the scent of the rarest rose.

Some little life stories we never unfold
But tonight one comes back to me.
The old, old story, which never grows old,
On our pages of memory.
Sealed with a kiss brings me back a gleam
Of the days I was young like you.
A little girl and a boyhood’s dream,
A dream that never came true.

Never a heart no matter how light,
But has felt its aching times,
Never a brain but has throbbed at night
When the bell of some memory chimes.
Many a story I can recall,
Many a tale like this,
Buried in silence, and hidden from all,
For the lips were sealed with a kiss.

— J.B., Peak Hill.

Narromine News and Trangie Advocate (Narromine, NSW), 21 April 1933, p. 6

[Editor: To enable an easier reading of the poem, the first line has been divided, so that “somebody” begins the new second line, and therefore the “s” in “somebody” has been capitalized.]

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