Note [The Yellow Wave, by Kenneth Mackay, 1895]

[Editor: This is the acknowledgements section from The Yellow Wave: A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia (1895) by Kenneth Mackay.]


For my facts with regard to the Russian advance on India I have drawn on the writings of Mr. Charles Marvin and Professor Vambéry. To a pamphlet by the late Mr. George Ranken (‘Capricornus’) I am indebted for the scheme of Fort Mallarraway, and I have also received from him much generous help in all that appertains to our land system where touched on throughout the book. Mr. Ernest Favenc has kindly afforded me much valuable information as to the geographical features of the country traversed by the invaders. The illustrations employed to explain the subject of elective affinity were suggested to me by a work of Max Nordau’s; and I have made use of an article by Mr. Hardacre, of Queensland, in describing the probable directions and effects on coast-trade of the proposed land-grant railways.

Kenneth Mackay.

, 1895.

Kenneth Mackay, The Yellow Wave: A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia, London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1895, page ix

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