List of Maps [A Short History of Australia, by Ernest Scott]

[Editor: This list of maps is from A Short History of Australia (6th edition, 1936) by Ernest Scott (1867-1939).]

List of Maps

Robert Thorne’s Map, 1527

Map Published at Paris, 1587

Plancius’s Map (Amsterdam), 1594

Hondius’s Map, 1595

Map of Jave la Grande, 1542

Map illustrating first Dutch Discoveries

Map illustrating Voyage of Van Neck’s Fleet to Dutch East Indies 1598-1600

Map of New Holland

Tasman’s Voyages

Portion of Cook’s Chart of New South Wales

New Holland and New South Wales as known after Cook’s Voyages

Botany Bay and Port Jackson

The Blue Mountains

Voyages of Bass and Flinders

Freycinet’s Map, showing ‘Terre Napoléon’

Hobart and Port Dalrymple

Westernport and Port Phillip

King George’s Sound

Melville Island

Inland Explorations, 1815-28

Sturt’s Discoveries on the Darling and the Murray

Explorations of Eyre, Sturt, Stuart, Gregory, Burke, and Wills

Explorations of Forrest and Giles

Foundation of the six States (six diagrams)

Island Groups of the Pacific

The Gallipoli Peninsula

Ernest Scott, A Short History of Australia, London: Oxford University Press, 6th edition, 1936, pages xiv-xv

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