Kiama, N.S.W. [poem by Mary E. Richmond, 1903 (1897)]

[Editor: Mary E. Richmond was a New Zealander who visited Australia in 1897, and wrote several poems about the places she visited, later published in her book Poems (1903).]

Kiama, N.S.W.

Kiama on the undulating hills
Beside the changeful sunlit southern seas,
Thou happy spot where hardy Liberty’s
Contented children dwell ; mild pleasure fills
The eye that rests on thee. No sharp frost kills
Thy birds and blossoms ; on the grassy leas
The blissful cattle lie in dreamless ease,
While far away the patient workman drills
His tiny tunnel through the stubborn stone,
And with volcanic force rends rock from rock.
On yon green cape the lighthouse stands alone,
And shining bids the flitting ships beware ;
While just below, the sea with thunderous shock
Spouts through a narrow cleft, high in mid air.

Dec., 1897.

Mary E. Richmond. Poems, Elkin Mathews, London, 1903, pages 77-78

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