Hymn to Hermann [poem, The Bulletin, 21 August 1886]

[Editor: This poem appeared in the “Sundry Shows” column published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 21 August 1886. The poem was written regarding a play of “His Natural Life” (based upon the story of the same name by Marcus Clarke), produced by Mr. Jingo Tyrell (distinct from another version of “His Natural Life”, produced by George Leitch, which was being staged in the same period).]

[Hymn to Hermann]

Yet another hash of “His Natural Life,” is touring around in Victoria. Mr. Jingo Tyrell (who brought a farcical action against the “triumvirate” for infringement of copyright) is running this latest dramatic per-version of the novel. The playbill is a literary feast in itself. It is constructed after the pantomime pattern, whereon all the characters have their personal characteristics sandwiched between brackets. Gabbet, we find is played by a Lieutenant Hermann (“specially engaged to realise Marcus Clarke’s idea”). What a proud officer it ought to be!

Hymn to Hermann.

Have you got G.’s classic features?
Do you kill your fellow-creatures?
And make banquets off their bodies till your hunger is assuaged?
Are your manners, ways, and habits,
Then, the counterparts of Gabbett’s?
Why have you, good lieutenant, been so specially engaged?

The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 21 August 1886, p. 9 (column 3)

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