How will this affect us? [by Mary Gilmore, 6 May 1909]

[Editor: This article by Mary Gilmore was published in the “Our Women’s Page” column (“Conducted by Mary Gilmore”), in The Worker (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 6 May 1909.]

How will this affect us?

“The Times” (London) of March 5 has the following item:


“The Secretary of State for India has nominated a committee to consider:—

“(a) The general question of immigration from India to the Crown colonies.

“(b) The particular Colonies to which Indian immigration may be most usefully encouraged.

“(c) The general advantage to be reached in each case (1) by India itself; (2) by each particular colony.”

The personnel consists of members of the Colonial Office, men connected with the State in India, and others.

The matter looks small enough, as it makes an unassuming paragraph at the bottom of a page, but there is a seed in it, which, if germinated, may see us mothers of a future mixed race, in which white will gradually be lost. It is not a matter for any of us to carelessly look at and as carelessly forget. And, though little is made of it to-day, it may be much in the future.

The Worker (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 6 May 1909, p. 15

Editor’s notes:
The block of text from The Times has been put in a “blockquote” so as to distinguish it from the rest of the article.

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