Hobart Town [news extract, 28 May 1853]

[Editor: An extract from the “Hobart Town” section of the news reports published in the Launceston Examiner, 28 May 1853. The Hobart correspondent says that the Anti-Transportation League should not be disbanded until the federation of the Australian colonies is achieved.]

Hobart Town

I see that a dissolution of the League is talked about. At the present moment such a step would be madness. The order in council has not yet been revoked, and Western Australia is still a place where prisoners may and are to be sent. It is an easy matter to resign power, but it is exceedingly difficult to acquire. Had the Trojans held out a few days longer, the city would probably have been saved; and shall the labor of our ten years’ struggle be thus thrown away? Let the League remain in force until the last vestige of convictism is swept away — until, under a new constitution, the colonies are joined in one; then it may retire from the scene, bequeathing its banner to the Australian federation, as a memento of its final victory.

Launceston Examiner (Launceston, Tas.), Saturday 28 May 1853, page 553 (5th page of that issue)

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