[Freedom of contract] [16 May 1891]

[Editor: This extract from an article, “Parliament of Labour: Doings at the Ballarat Trades and Labour Congress”, shows that the unions of 1891 shared similar issues with the unions of modern times. Published in The Worker, 16 May 1891.]

On the seventh (and last) day of sitting the following motions were carried nem. con.:—

By Mr. J. D. Fitzgerald — “That this congress cannot but regard the attempted enforcement of the system of alleged ‘freedom of contract’ throughout Australasia as a masked conspiracy to crush unionism, and challenges the employers to an open and public conference on the subject, in order that there may be no misunderstanding.”

The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), Saturday 16 May 1891, pages 6-7 [extracts are from page 7, column 2]

A report on the same motion was previously published in :
The Bendigo Advertiser (Bendigo, Vic.), Thursday 30 April 1891, page 3
See also:
The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), 9 May 1891, p. 13

Editor’s notes:
nem. con = (Latin) an abbreviation of “nemine contradicente” (“no-one contradicting”), used to indicate that there was no dissent, or that a matter was agreed to unanimously or without opposition

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