Flowers [poem, 12 October 1904]

[Editor: A poem by M. Forrest. Published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 12 October 1904.]


(Written for this journal by M. Forrest.)

Bring lilies for the childish faith she lost,
Gold-hearted and with petals like the snow;
And heartsease for a heart so tempest-tost,
She needed it so much on earth, you know.

And lest the yearning thro’ her slumber grows
For one upon this earth she loved the best,
Take from its fellows Love’s great crimson rose
And lay it very gently on her breast.

We have no laurel for the hands that fail,
But only homely blooms that God made fair,
For, looking on that brow so worn and pale,
He will forgive the lack of laurels there!

The Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW), 12 October 1904, p. 28

Editor’s notes:
heartsease = a pansy or other flower of the genus Viola

tost = an archaic spelling of “tossed”

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