’Ere Chee Kum, Ali [poem by Jack Moses]

[Editor: This is a poem from Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse (1923) by Jack Moses.]

’Ere Chee Kum, Ali.

Ah Chum was a cash buyer of dead wool, skins and hides, in a well-known sheep and cattle district. The Wool Merchant was proud of the fact that he always paid “cash down.”

’Ere Chee kum, ali,
Buy ’em skin and bone and hi’,
Wool, too, s’pose ’e die,
Pay cash, you savee, Ah Chum,
O cly!

S’pose ’e fling a stone at me,
Telle policeman, you see,
Catchee summon, make’m cly,
’Im welly solly by’m bye,

Jack Moses, Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse, Sydney: Austral Publishing Co., 1923, pages 84-85 (the related picture is on page 84)

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