Dollies’ Mending Day [poem by L. E. Homfray, 11 October 1925]

[Editor: This poem for children, by L. E. Homfray, was published in the Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 11 October 1925.]

Dollies’ Mending Day

This is our dolly’s mending day.
Oh, dear, what a terrible lot.
I’ll run to mother’s basket to see
If buttons and tape we’ve got.

Yes, here are buttons, and hooks and tape,
And here is a needle, too;
But, oh, what a very long while it takes
To make the needle go through.

Now, I must mend this awful hole
In dolly’s new Sunday hat.
Here is a nighty without a tape.
Oh! what do you think of that?

There on the table is Teddy’s coat,
His cap and his jersey, too.
There’s dresses and pants and little socks;
A terrible lot to do!


Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 11 October 1925, p. 2 of the supplement “Pranks: The Children’s Newspaper”

Editor’s notes:
jersey = a knitted item of clothing, covering the torso and arms, with long sleeves, without any opening at the front, which is put on by pulling it over one’s head (also known as a “jumper” or a “pullover”)

nighty = (singular spelt “nightie”, also “nighty”; plural for both: “nighties”) nightdress, nightgown (a single-piece bedwear apparel, now usually made for females, with feminine decoration and design; however, single-piece nightgowns were used by males in the past, also known as “nightshirts”)

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