Dedication [poem by E. J. Brady]

[Editor: This poem by E. J. Brady was published in The Earthen Floor (1902).]


To Norma:

Because the Master cast a Soul,
In braver, stronger mould,
Because it took not tithe nor toll
Of Dross, but sought for Gold:

Because thy Faith was wise and strong
And He hath proved it true,
Take thou this meagre gift of song
That I have gleaned for you!

The task the Teacher’s hand hath set
Is writ along the Skies:—
They may not falter nor forget
Whose work before them lies

E. J. Brady, The Earthen Floor, Grafton (N.S.W.): Grip Newspaper Co., 1902

Editor’s notes:
Vernacular spelling in the original text:
hath (has)
thou (you)

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