Winter practice [genesis of Australian Rules football, 10 July 1858]

[Editor: A letter, from Tom Wills, which is regarded as the impetus for the creation of Australian Rules football. Published in Bell’s Life in Victoria and Sporting Chronicle, 10 July 1858.] Winter practice. To the Editor of Bell’s Life in Victoria. Sir, — Now that cricket has been put aside for some few months to […]

A Toast to Football [poem, 16 June 1922]

[Editor: A poem published in The Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser and Diamond Creek Valley Advocate, 16 June 1922.] A Toast to Football. [By “Seranader.] After witnessing a Football Match at Eltham. Here’s to the footballer in his snow-white breeks, And the bloodstains on his rugged cheeks. To the genial warmth of his happy grin […]

Under the Southern Cross I Stand [the Australian cricket team’s victory song]

Under the Southern Cross I stand A sprig of wattle in my hand, A native of my native land, Australia, you f***ing beauty! This poem is one used by the Australian cricket team as their “victory song”; to be recited by the team following a win, usually chanted in the confines of their dressing room […]

The Two Man Band – Up There Cazaly [music videos]

“Up There Cazaly” was written by Mike Brady, to be used as part of an advertising campaign on Channel Seven to promote their televised coverage of Australian Rules football games. Mike Brady and Peter Sullivan (as “The Two Man Band”) released it as a single in 1979 and it became a top hit. The Cazaly […]

“Don Bradman.” [song and music videos, 1 September 1932]

[Editor: An excerpt from “The Children’s Pages” section of The Queenslander, 1932. A transcription from the music videos is given at the end.] “Don Bradman.” A reader of “The Queenslander” has our thanks for these words. “Silver Waves” asked for them: Who is it that all Australia raves about ? Who has won our very […]