The Chinese and the diggers at the Rocky River [letter to the editor, 3 August 1861]

[Editor: A letter from a miner, regarding problems between European and Chinese miners at the Rocky River goldfield. Published in The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, 3 August 1861.] The Chinese and the diggers at the Rocky River. To the Editors of the Maitland Mercury. Gentlemen — As you have copied a correspondence […]

Winter practice [genesis of Australian Rules football, 10 July 1858]

[Editor: A letter, from Tom Wills, which is regarded as the impetus for the creation of Australian Rules football. Published in Bell’s Life in Victoria and Sporting Chronicle, 10 July 1858.] Winter practice. To the Editor of Bell’s Life in Victoria. Sir, — Now that cricket has been put aside for some few months to […]

Wattle Day [letter from Agnes L. Kettlewell, 31 August 1910]

[Editor: This letter from Agnes L. Kettlewell (nee Storrie) regarding Wattle Day and the Wattle Day League was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 31 August 1910.] Wattle Day. As secretary and one of the original conveners of the Wattle Day League, it has been my duty to introduce, in many ways, the ideas of […]

Federation letters: Appeal by the Premier and the Treasurer [3 June 1898]

[Editor: A letter from Charles Cameron Kingston (the Premier of South Australia) and Frederick William Holder (the Treasurer of SA) regarding the proposed federation of the colonies of Australia. Published in The Advertiser, 3 June 1898.] Federation letters. Appeal by the Premier and the Treasurer. To the Editor. Sir — We earnestly ask electors to […]

Letter from Hell: Jim O’Hea on chats [6 November 1917]

[Editor: A letter from an Australian soldier, during the First World War. Published in The Forbes Advocate, 6 November 1917.] Letter from Hell Jim O’Hea on chats. Once again our friend Jim O’Hea writes us, this time from this address: Somewhere in Hell, But fine and well. Fritz complains that we won’t give him any […]