Norman L. Beurle

Norman Louis Beurle was a Baptist Church minister and poet. His poems, often with a religious tint, were published in various Australian newspapers, including The Australasian, The Herald, and The Weekly Times. Norman L. Beurle was born in South Yarra (Melbourne, Victoria) in 1876. His parents were Charles Beurle (who was the foreman at the […]

W. T. Goodge

W. T. Goodge was a poet, author, journalist, and newspaper editor. He wrote topical poetry and humorous verse, as well as articles and short stories. He was particularly well-known in Orange (NSW), where he lived for many years, although he gained a nationwide audience when a book of his poems was published by the Bulletin […]

Erle Cox

Erle Cox was born in Emerald Hill (South Melbourne, Vic.), on 15 August 1873. He worked in the wine-growing industry in Rutherglen (Vic.), then moved to Tasmania and became a Launceston-based travelling tobacco sales representative. He married Mary Ellen Kilborn on 24 December 1901. The couple went on to have three children: Harold, Molly and […]

Jack Moses

John Moses, commonly known as “Jack”, was born in George Street, Sydney (New South Wales), on 12 January 1861. He is best known as the author of the famous poem “Nine Miles from Gundagai”. As his name indicates, Jack Moses came from Jewish ancestry, although he was attached to the Church of England (when he […]

E. J. Brady

Edwin James Brady was an author, editor, and poet. He wrote eighteen books and edited at least another two, as well as working as a newspaper journalist and editor. Brady was born in Carcoar, New South Wales, on 7 August 1869. Both his father (Edward John Brady, a mounted policeman) and his mother (Hannah, née […]