“Australianism”: A new cult [1 July 1918]

[Editor: An article on the ideology of “Australianism”. Whilst the article refers to the ideology as a “cult”, that particular word is being used here in the sense of a great devotion to an idea, object, or movement, rather than in a negative sense (such as the derogatory connotations of the word “cult” as applied […]

Australianism [11 May 1912]

[Editor: This brief item (apparently, an extract from the Independent Workers’ Journal) was published in the Building and Real Estate magazine (11 May 1912).] Australianism. Australianism is the spirit that must rule Australia, and in that sentiment there is no place for the rabid Socialist, with his schemes of levelling tyranny; none for the Anarchist […]

The Chinese question: Speech by Mr. Kenneth Mackay, M.L.A. [10 September 1896]

[Editor: An article reporting on a speech by Kenneth Mackay. Published in The Australian Star, 10 September 1896.] The Chinese question. Speech by Mr. Kenneth Mackay, M.L.A. The Joss of cheapness. Chinese in the grocery business — The gospel of our government. At the meeting held at the Royal Hotel, Darlington, on Monday evening, to […]

Federation and a white Australia [21 September 1895]

[Editor: A letter to the editor regarding non-white immigration and Australia’s relationship with Britain. Published in The Worker (Wagga, NSW), 21 September 1895.] Federation and a white Australia. Your Federation article recently contains a high percentage of truth. There is too much talk of the kind of Federation aimed at by our “great men;” but […]

Death of a veteran: The late Mr. Peter Lalor [11 February 1889]

[Editor: An article about Peter Lalor (1827-1889). Published in The Age (Melbourne), 11 February 1889.] Death of a veteran. The late Mr. Peter Lalor. By “The Vagabond.” Thirty-seven years ago a young Irishman landed in Melbourne. The cry of “Gold!” brought hither all sorts and conditions of men, but few who have been more notable […]