Butterfly Belles [poem, 16 December 1916]

[Editor: A poem published in Truth (Melbourne edition), 16 December 1916.]

Butterfly Belles.

With the first warm day of summer, swarms of white butterflies have come into town. — News item.

The butterfly comes into town
When summer spreads her wings,
By artifice or nature decked
In fine and filmy things.
From flower to flower she gaily flits —
“For shame!” the Wowsers cry.
But what’s the use of blaming her?
She’s but a butterfly.

Truth (Melbourne, Vic.), 16 December 1916, p. 3

Editor’s notes:
wowser = someone who is puritanical, bigoted, censorious, or overly moralistic, particularly those who aim to force their morals upon others (in the past, the word was especially applied to temperance campaigners)

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