Bucked Off Its Brand [poem by R.A.F.]

[Editor: This poem by R.A.F. was published in The Bulletin Reciter, 1901.]

Bucked Off Its Brand.

Take my word ! he could buck, could Brown Baron ;
And to ride ! who could ride like Long Jack ?
There was never a thing born with hair on
Could throw him when once on its back.

* * * * * *

In the crush went on saddle and bridle,
And he set Jack a go pretty hard ;
But his previous efforts seemed idle
When we flung down the rails of the yard.

A few bucks, and the gear was all lying —
Busted girths, broken bit — on the sand ;
And away through the trees he went flying —
Nothing on him but Jack and the brand.

Through the paddock the Baron went sailing ;
Jack was keeping him straight with his hat
When we saw him jump over the railing
At the creek on the Kurrajong Flat.

And then — where on earth were they hidden ? —
Though the boss swore he ’d soon have ’em back,
And rode as he never had ridden,
The traps had to start on their track.

But Jack was not beaten by trifles.
And, when he and the Baron were found.
It took four police, ditto rifles,
Ere the long-’un set foot on the ground.

When we came to examine the Baron,
All the brand-mark had disappeared clean :
’T was the horse, we could swear — a great scar on
The place where the Z 9 had been.

Jack explained, in the dock at his trial,
That the horse slung his brand on the track ;
To the charge gave indignant denial —
Said, when caught he was just coming back.

* * * * *

Jack sits now on stones for a saddle,
And for reins has a hammer in hand,
’Cause an ignorant Judge chose to twaddle
That a horse could n’t buck off its brand !


A.G. Stephens (editor). The Bulletin Reciter: A Collection of Verses for Recitation from “The Bulletin” [1880-1901], The Bulletin Newspaper Company, Sydney, 1902 [first published 1901], pages 87-89

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