Brolgas [poem, 10 January 1948]

[Editor: A child’s poem. Published in The Daily Mercury, 10 January 1948.]


Brolgas, brolgas, out on the plain,
Dance for me, dance for me, once again;
Stretch your necks and clap your beaks,
I could watch for weeks and weeks.

Brolgas, brolgas, on the plain,
Why do you dance in the wind and rain?
In and out, in and out,
Set to partners and turn about;
Skip and hop, skip and hop,
Flap your wings and then you stop.

(From “Lucy Locket.”)

The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld.), 10 January 1948, p. 6

Editor’s notes:
brolga = a species of Australian crane (Grus rubicunda), noted for their elaborate and ritualised mating dances

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