Australia For Ever Free, 1944 [poem by Beryl Alchin, 1944]

[Editor: This poem by Beryl Alchin (13 years old), was published in The Laura Standard and Crystal Brook Courier, 14 April 1944. It was written during the Second World War, regarding the First Victory Loan (a government scheme to raise money for the war effort).]

Australia For Ever Free, 1944.

Haste to Victory let it be,
Our Australia forever Free.
All you do, do with your might,
And Australia will be ruled forever right.
If everybody LENDS for the VICTORY LOAN,
Australia will always be our own.
Save King, and Nation, and let it be —
Our Australia forever Free.

Let peace be on earth forever after,
Then we will always hear the children’s laughter.
Men and women, many have died,
For us they sacrifice their lives.
If they were here, they would be glad to see,
That we are trying to win Victory.
God has them all in his care,
They are happier up there.
So fight for Victory, then it will be,
Our Australia in peace, and forever free.

Composed by Beryl Alchin, 13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Alchin, Bundaleer Forest; her education is carried on by her mother through the Correspondence Course.

The Laura Standard and Crystal Brook Courier (Jamestown, SA), 14 April 1944, p. 1

Also published in:
The Areas Express and Farmer’s Journal (Gladstone, SA), 14 April 1944, p. 1

Editor’s notes:
An article on page 3 of the same newspaper reported on a public meeting being held to promote the First Victory Loan.
See: “War loan rally at Jamestown”, The Laura Standard and Crystal Brook Courier (Jamestown, SA), 14 April 1944, p. 3

[Editor: Changed “Aur Australia in peace” to “Our Australia in peace”.]

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