Australia Felix [poem, 8 October 1926]

[Editor: A patriotic poem by Daisy Farrell. Published in The Frankston and Somerville Standard, 8 October 1926.]

Australia Felix

Australia! My country, my heart fills with rapture,
At thought of thy beauty in sunshine or rain.
Ah! How can my pen all thy sweet aspects capture,
And in a word picture thy glories explain?
Thou fair land of hope, my heart will cease beating,
When I, of thy beauty, have no word to tell.

For, every day new, I’ve a poem of greeting,
And a song set to stars for each night as well.
And yet, oh! believe me, the words left unspoken,
Are sweeter by far than could e’er be express’d,
So take all my thoughts, all my heart’s deep devotion,
Australia, my country, Australia, the blest.

— Daisy Farrell.
Beaumaris, 18/9/26.

The Frankston and Somerville Standard (Frankston, Vic.), 8 October 1926, p. 7

[Editor: Corrected “they beauty” to “thy beauty”.]

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