As in the days of old: Mr. Bent and the bushrangers [21 September 1907]

[Editor: A brief reminiscence about a bushranging incident. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 September 1907.]

“As in the days of old.”

Mr. Bent and the bushrangers.

Melbourne, Thursday.

Mr. Bent in his time has had many experiences, ranging from cricket against bowlers who “cut the stitches off the seams of your trousers” to inspecting “electrical appliances” in Paris.

He told a gathering at Elsternwick that he had also been “stuck up” by bushrangers about 50 years ago, and yesterday he received a letter from a gentleman who shared in his bushranging experience.

Mr. Bent’s correspondent, in recalling memories of the episode, refers to the fact that he spent about three hours seated on the ground with his hands tied together, while five bushrangers leisurely proceeded with the looting of the party.

“I well remember the day,” said Mr. Bent, in commenting on the letter, “and I bear on my head the mark of a blow I received in the affray; and it was a fine lead of produce they relieved me of, too.”

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), 21 September 1907, p. 13

[Editor: The original text has been separated into paragraphs.]

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