An Old Mate (to G.A.U.) [poem, 26 January 1950]

[Editor: A poem published in The Western Mail, 26 January 1950.]

An Old Mate

(to G.A.U.)

We met once more across the fleeting years,
And yarned of mates long dead and old-time ways.
Those years of buoyant laughter, and the tears
That made the life of those old bygone days.

Our thoughts flew back with each light spoken word,
To days that sped as some swift passing bird.
We pitched old camps again, by beach and lake;
Re-lit the fires that burnt so long ago.

Each sought the old times scenes to reawake,
And capture once again their youthful glow.
Again the false dawn in the eastern sky
Gave peace to morn, and bid the night goodbye.

And down the years, as feathers light, were blown,
Old lost threads of some half-awakened thought;
A ramble on some old-time tract, o’ergrown.
That brought to mind past days which memory caught.

And all the old-time rides in sun and rain
Came drifting down the years to us again.


The Western Mail (Perth, WA), 26 January 1950, p. 13

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