An Australian Anthem: The People’s Hymn [song, 15 May 1880]

[Editor: A song published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 15 May 1880.]

An Australian Anthem.

To the Editor.

Sir, — In furtherance of your correspondent’s suggestion, I send you manuscript of an Australian hymn or anthem :—

The People’s Hymn.

Power beneficent,
Bountiful hand ;
Mighty and excellent,
Guard this our land.
Though the whole universe
Hangs on Thy care ;
Hear, God, the bounteous
Australia’s prayer.

May she ’mid nations be
Great evermore ;
Add to her industry
Peaceable store ;
Honour and victory
Be her’s to claim ;
Wreathe immortality
With her bright fame.

Counsel her counsellors,
Shield them from guile ;
Noble and brave be
Her sons of the soil ;
Watch o’er her daughters fair,
Virtue defend ;
Those to Thy gracious care,
God, we commend.

Power beneficent,
Whom nought can tire,
Mighty and excellent,
Grant our desire.
While the whole universe
Hangs on Thy care,
Hear, God, the bounteous,
Thy people’s prayer.

Harry Bridges.

The Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 15 May 1880, page 929 (page 17 of that issue)

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