[After the rescue of the guns at Lindley] [22 November 1900]

[Editor: An item from the time of the Boer War. Published in the “Personal” column, in The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), 22 November 1900.]

After the rescue of the guns at Lindley by members of the Imperial Bushmen’s Corps a little girl, living at Parkside, forwarded to each of the small company of soldiers who performed the gallant deed a sprig of wattle, with the following inscription attached:—

“S. A. Imperial Contingent, from Ellie Wemyss, Parkside, with best wishes. A small token of her admiration of your bravery and dash in saving the guns at Lindley.”

The little floral tributes reached the soldiers safely, and they were much prized.

Captain Leane, who was one of the party, his sent his token from Miss Wemyss to his wife, with instructions that she is to carefully keep it, and take it to South Africa with her when she and her family leave for Pretoria next year. Captain Leane has secured an important appointment in the railway service at Pretoria, and Lieutenant Press has received a good position in the same office.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), 22 November 1900, p. 5

Also published in:
The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA), 22 November 1900, p. 3
The Chronicle (Adelaide, SA), 24 November 1900, p. 27

[Editor: The original text has been separated into paragraphs.]

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