Advance, Australia [song, by Walker and McBurney, circa 1883]

[Editor: A patriotic song; words written by J. Eccleston Walker, music composed by Samuel D. McBurney.]

Advance, Australia.

(By permission of Dr. McBurney, Melbourne)

J. Eccleston Walker
S.D. McBurney, Mus. D.

Rise, Australians, mark your day,
Seize the Standard, bear the sway ;
Drive the clouds of sloth away,
And advance, still advance !

Know, your fathers left their home
Far beyond the ocean’s foam,
Know they trod your native strand,
Led the way, and left command

To advance, still advance !
Advance, Australia !
Still, still advance !

Calm and steady, still and strong ;
Pass the watch-word right along,
Inspiration move the throng
To advance, still advance !

Yes, in ev’ry phase of life,
Thro’ each trouble, care, and strife,
Keep the motto still in view,
Only to our cause be true

And advance, still advance !
Advance, Australia !
Still, still advance !

Sense of duty must prevail ;
When did British courage fail ?
Wave the Cross o’er hill and dale,
And advance, still advance !

By each honest heart’s appeal,
By the patriot’s burning zeal,
By that never dying love,
By that star of hope above

We advance, still advance !
Advance, Australia !
Still, still advance !

William H. Smith (editor). The Empire Songster, Renouf Pub. Co., Montreal, [1900?], pages 40-41

Editor’s notes:
Publishing details for the The Empire Songster were sourced from the University of Alberta library catalogue

This song was mentioned in several newspapers, including:

1) An advertisement in The Mercury of 22 June 1883, “Concert and sight-singing demonstration, by certificated solfaists, at Mechanics’ Institute, this evening”, notes that song 14 of the programme will be “National Song — “Advance Australia”; S. McBurney, G.T.S.C. L., President Victorian T.S.F. Association” (McBurney was the president of the Victorian Tonic Sol-fa Association)
See: The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) of Friday 22 June 1883, page 1
Robin S. Stevens. “McBurney, Samuel (1847–1909)”, Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University (accessed 21 February 2013)

2) A report in The Mercury of 23 June 1883, “Tonic sol-fa singing”, regarding the concert of 22 June 1833, noted that “a song by Mr. S. McBurney, entitled “Advance Australia,” with a lively air and appropriate words, was sung for the first time in Tasmania”.
See: The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) of Saturday 23 June 1883, page 2

J. Eccleston Walker and S.D. McBurney also collaborated on the song “The Flag of Union: A Federation Song” (words by J. Eccleston Walker, music by S. McBurney)

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