A Twilight Song [poem, 9 March 1901]

[Editor: This poem by Norman L. Beurle was published in The Australasian (Melbourne), 9 March 1901.]

A Twilight Song

When the birds awake in the morning,
And the dew is on the grass,
There comes a tremulous whisper,
As the fading shadows pass.
And I listen, hoping, waiting,
For a voice than all more dear,
To speak in the rosy dawning
Love’s message to my ear.

Ah! not ’mid the earthly splendour
Of the crimson morning skies
Shall come your voice to me, darling,
Your beauty to mine eyes;
For a veil of darkness hides you,
And my sight is dim with tears,
And my heart is full of burden
Of the empty future years.

When the shades of evening gather,
And the birds are all asleep,
I fold my hands in the silence,
With a heart too full to weep;
Then I read in the sacred Volume
Of the promised Land of Peace,
Where the hearts beloved are waiting,
And the cares of life shall cease.

Ah! there, in the fadeless glory
Of the bright, eternal Home,
Shall come your voice to me, darling,
When I have ceased to roam;
And nought in the pulseless ages
Of the great Eternity
Shall be found to sever us, darling,
Or to shadow you and me!


The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic.), 9 March 1901, p. 554

Editor’s notes:
In the contents list of the newspaper (p. 528), this poem was listed as “A Twilight Night”, although the title given with the poem was “A Twilight Song”.


  1. Diana Trewenack says:

    I found a piece of music which was a song called At Last written by Norman L Beurle. It was written for my grandmother Miss J McCracken.

    I have no idea what his relationship was to my grandmother but it appears to be a love song.
    It is dated December 15th 1900 in his handwriting. Is there any other information about this man?

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