A Sea Song [poem by Marie E. J. Pitt]

[Editor: This poem by Marie E. J. Pitt was published in The Horses of the Hills and Other Verses (1911).]

A Sea Song.

O softer than Slumber and sweeter than Mirth
That is Sorrow’s half-brother,
Is thy call to the weary, the children of earth,
Sea Mother! Sea Mother!

The poor souls, the pent souls, the people that pine
Where the church bells are pealing;
O succour them, soothe them with largess divine
Of thine exquisite healing!

From the blinding white pathways that blistered their feet,
From the fear-folk beside them,
Close cradle them, Sea Mother, mother most sweet!
And hold them and hide them!

From the Barmecide boons of Life’s bitter-black wine,
From the storm-stress and smother,
Clasp them close in those soft arms, those strong arms of thine,
Sea Mother! Sea Mother!

Marie E. J. Pitt, The Horses of the Hills and Other Verses, Melbourne: Specialty Press, 1911, page 73

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