A Mother’s Prayer [poem by L. E. Homfray]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in Australians, Awake! And Other Poems (1915).]

A Mother’s Prayer.

When our hearts are sad with longing
For our dear ones far away,
Holy Father in Thy mercy
Watch around them night and day.

In the awful hour of battle
When their enemies prevail,
Strengthen them with hope and courage
Lest their weary footsteps fail.

Where we cannot help or comfort
Thou in tender pity bless,
Guarding them awake or sleeping
Cheering them in loneliness.

If in pain or sickness lying
Far beyond a mother’s care,
May Thy gracious mercy save them
From the darkness of despair.

L. E. Homfray, Australians, Awake! And Other Poems, Sydney: D. S. Ford, [1915?], page 5

Editor’s notes:
Old spelling in the original text:
thou (you)
thy (your)

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