“The story of Australia”, by Martin Hambleton

[Editor: “The story of Australia” was a series of articles, about aspects of Australian history, written by Martin Hambleton and published in The Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Qld.), from 17 June 1934 to 30 June 1935. Hambleton based a large part of the series upon articles which he had previously written for The Sunday Mail.]

The story of Australia

Chapter 1: Foundation of Tasmania: Convicts sent from mainland

Chapter 2: Coming of the Dutch

Chapter 3: Captain William Dampier: First Englishman to visit Australia

Chapter 4: Captain James Cook: The real discoverer of Australia

Chapter 5: Arrival of the first fleet: Convict settlement at Sydney Cove

Chapter 6: Voyages of La Perouse: Lost hero all the world honoured

Chapter 7: Food shortage worries the colony: Agricultural settlement at Parramatta

Chapter 8: Voyages of Bass and Flinders: The discovery of Bass Strait

Chapter 9: Flinders’ coastal discoveries

Chapter 10: Rise of the wool industry: John Macarthur’s work for Australia

Chapter 11: Foundation of Tasmania: First settled by convicts and soldiers

Chapter 12: Blaxland’s journeys of exploration: Blue Mountains conquered

Chapter 13: George William Evans: Discovers the Lachlan and Macquarie

Chapter 14: Expeditions of John Oxley: Discovery of Liverpool Plains

Chapter 15: Search for new penal settlement: Oxley discovers the Brisbane River

Chapter 16: Discoveries of Hume and Hovell

Chapter 17: Captain Charles Sturt: Discovery of the Darling River

Chapter 18: Discovery of the Murray: Sturt’s heroic achievement

Chapter 19: Allan Cunningham discovers the Darling Downs

Chapter 20: Sir Thomas Mitchell: Search for a mythical river

Chapter 21: Mitchell’s second journey: Exploration of the Darling River

Chapter 22: Mitchell’s third journey: The Darling joins the Murray

Chapter 23: Mitchell’s last expedition: Discovery of rich pastoral country

Chapter 24: Edward John Eyre: Daring Australian explorer

Chapter 25: Kennedy’s ill-fated expedition

Chapter 26: Sturt’s attempt to reach the centre of the continent

Chapter 27: Leichhardt’s expedition to Port Essington

Chapter 28: Leichhardt’s journey to death

Chapter 29: Stuart reaches the centre of Australia

Chapter 30: Stuart’s journey across Australia

Chapter 31: Burke and Wills expedition

Chapter 32: A grim fight for life

Chapter 33: Last scenes of Burke and Wills tragedy

Chapter 34: Further efforts to find Burke and Wills

Chapter 35: John Forrest’s first journey of exploration

Chapter 36: Forrest’s second and third expeditions

Chapter 37: Three notable explorers: Gregory, Warburton, and Giles

Chapter 38: Foundation of Tasmania: Convicts sent from mainland

Chapter 39: Settlement of Tasmania: Early bushrangers: Hostile Blacks

Chapter 40: Tasmania as a penal settlement

Chapter 41: The settlement of Western Australia

Chapter 42: Difficulties of settlement in Western Australia

Chapter 43: The settlement of Port Phillip

Chapter 44: The founding of township of Melbourne

Chapter 45: The settlement of South Australia

Chapter 46: Troublesome times in South Australia

Chapter 47: Redcliffe chosen for first settlement

Chapter 48: First settlement on the Brisbane River

Chapter 49: Discovery of gold

Chapter 50: The Ballarat gold rush of 1851

Chapter 51: Digger hunting on the goldfields

Chapter 52: The Eureka rebellion: Diggers take up arms against police and military

Chapter 53: First overland telegraph

Editor’s notes:
Chapter 38 (“Foundation of Tasmania: Convicts sent from mainland”, published 17 March 1935), was a duplication of chapter 11 (“Foundation of Tasmania: First settled by convicts and soldiers”, published 26 August 1934).

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